Why you should avoid pyschos

A Smart guy’s guide to dating and relationships: A girl’s perspective

Why do guys date psycho girls? Lately I feel like all of my guy friends, acquaintances, and relatives have been telling me horror stories about psycho girls they have dates, are dating, or want to date. My reaction to their stories is always the same, “Why would you want to date a girl that is constantly up and down and who probably belongs in a place far from decent society?” And I kid you not, every guy replies “Because they’re fun and exciting.”

No- skydiving is fun and exciting. Laser tag is fun and exciting. Dating a girl who is going to mentally scar you for weeks/months/years to come is not fun or exciting. Sure she makes you feel alive and spontaneous now but in 5 minutes she is going to morph into some Underworld creature. Whether she starts stalking you, makes you feel guilty for having friends or saying hi to other girls, or even starts dictating who you are allowed to interact with, this girl is psycho and you are going to get poisoned.

And that’s the perfect way to describe the effect psycho girls have on you when you’re dating. They slowly poison you. Maybe you start realizing that you’re much more unhappy and dissatisfied with your life since you’ve been dating. Or you see your friends a lot less often and now it’s awkward around them. Or she demands to know exactly where you are, who you’re with, and what you’re doing 24/7. You’ve most likely spent a lot of time and money on this chick- at her insistence. You literally cannot take the stress of her being incredibly happy and fun and awesome 1 second and a complete raving lunatic the next second. So you finally break it off.

Except surprise- it ain’t over. Poison has a lasting effect on you. Even after you’ve broken up the mind games don’t end. You may feel bored or unsatisfied with yourself, you don’t allow yourself to get close to anyone new-or you go right out and start dating a new psycho. Either way, you’re still allowing the psycho to control you. That incredibly fun girl turned into a snake, got her fangs in you, and now you’re stuck. But you don’t have to stay stuck- break those fangs and move on! More than likely you are an incredible guy who has a ton to offer- and guess what. There are some non psycho girls out there who will appreciate you and your awesomeness.  You don’t have to jump straight into  dating or a new relationship but you should not let that psycho affect you anymore- you’re better than that.

Girls are constantly being told this- that the guy they just broke up with wasn’t good enough for them, etc. But guys have to remember that as well- you should never settle for someone who doesn’t want the best for you. And the girl you date should never make you feel that you aren’t good enough or fun enough or whatever.

Psycho girls can be a great time- but that’s all they are. You deserve a girl who makes you feel lucky to be with and who feels lucky to be with you-all the time. Well, at least 95% of the time- we all have our bad days  hahaha


Starting off

Having been encouraged by my mom multiple times over the years to write more I’ve finally decided to do it. I never seriously thought about blogging before- I wondered what would be interesting for me to write about and for everyone to read about. So my blog is def going to be a mixmash of topics that I’m interested in at the current time. As the reader- and I bet most people who read this know me- bear in mind that everything I write is meant to be read in my voice- sarcasm, inflection, my facial expressions, etc. So if anything sounds harsh or crazy just imagine me saying it while laughing or rolling my eyes or making a goofy face- well goofier than my normal face that is! So without further ado I’m going to start my first article in my series “The smart guy’s guide to dating and relationships: a girl’s perspective” Enjoy!