Why I can’t stand liars

Liars just really make me mad. First off, it shows you don’t have respect for me or you think I’m not worthy of the truth (“The truth? You can’t handle the truth!!”) Anyway- why should I continue to speak to you? You obviously don’t care about me as much as I care about you since you’re lying to me! When I find out I’ve been lied to I feel betrayed-not to mention dumb. I feel dumb because I was an idiot to trust you.

Secondly- I will find out if you lie to me. At least 93% of the time. Now I’m not trying to brag-but I’m a great listener. I enjoy making others feel important by listening to them. I am also good at keeping my mouth shut. Therefore people just tell me stuff- all the time!!! Point is- I’ll hear the same story from multiple people and I’ll usually be able to figure out who is lying to me. It just happens.

Thirdly- I feel like repetitive liars lie to keep themselves out of trouble or in someone’s good graces. It’s like in PE when you lied about not getting hit in dodge-ball. You just really didn’t want to get out or have your team lose. The liars that really get me are the ones who change the story to make themselves look better to whomever they’re talking to. It’s like when 2 girls are crushing on the same guy. The girls will be BFFs when they’re together. If the 2 of them are with the guy they may gang up against the guy. But look out- when just one of the girls is talking to the guy it is no holds barred romantic sabotage warfare shenanigans!!! I’ve seen it happen so many times and it always makes me mad that girls are so 2 faced. So that’s why I find it especially hilarious when guy realizes what the girls are doing, decides they’re awful, and says See ya bye!! That’s what ya get you little liars.

Moral of the story- don’t lie to me and I def won’t lie to you. I may not share all of my feelings with you (I do that with next to no one) but I will not throw you under the bus or lie to you. Just be honest- whether you like me or just want to tell me you don’t like me. I’d much rather hear it from you than hear whispers from other people. And when I do find out that you lie to me on a regular basis- well, I may still like having you as a friend but I don’t trust you anymore. That’s the breaks- just sayin