You are worth it

Yup. You are worth it.  I don’t care what other people or the media or society says: you are worth it. You have so much to offer the world- whether it’s through your work, family, friends, or simply by smiling at strangers and brightening their day.

You are an inspiration. You are the reason someone gets out of bed in the morning. You are intelligent and have a sense of humor- or else you wouldn’t still be reading this blog! You deserve to be surrounded by people who appreciate your awesomeness. Will you always have these people close to you? Maybe not- but you are worth it.

Now you have to act like it. You are an incredible human being- so don’t sell yourself short. Other people will tell you that you aren’t good enough. So you have to remind yourself that you ARE good enough- you are worth it and deserve to be treated like it.

If someone is a negative influence in your life-cut them out of it. Your boyfriend or girlfriend make you feel self-conscious about yourself? Dump them. That friend who makes you feel guilty for excelling at something or having something go right in your life? Forget them- they aren’t worth it. You are. You owe nothing to people who only make you feel bad about yourself. Find people who know you, like you, encourage you- and keep them close. Because you are worth it.


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